REGISTRATION: F0004479/2030

Pseudomonas putida cepa PSP.L2.07: 10E8 ufc/ ml

Biological enhancer based on bacteria promoting plant growth.

BIOPTIMUS® is a biological enhancer based on Pseudomonas putida. It is a non-pathogenic bacterium classified as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria or, in English, PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) that adapts to different habitats and soil types. BIOPTIMUS® acts by coating the root surface of the plant with a protective biofilm and thanks to its high metabolic capacity facilitates the solubilization and assimilation of nutrients.

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture according to Regulations (EU) No. 2018/848 and 2021/1165 and according to the NOP Regulation (National Organic Program). Ecocert Control F – 32600

Certificado ECOCERT para la agricultura ecológica

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