Improving the quality
of life of people and crops


Protecting life since 1934

We contribute to well-being by developing solutions, understood as services and products that protect people’s health while ensuring the production of quality food.

Corporate Philosopy

Our character

We constantly move forward and react to the needs presented by new challenges that arise in our fields of work: agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

Since 1934, we have been working with great effort and determination to offer quality and effective products. This has led us to create reliable relationships and to persevere, even in adverse circumstances.

At Lainco we are driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards sustainability and the environmental impact of all our processes and products. Aware of the concerns and threats towards our society, we develop solutions that help preserve the planet.

We will not achieve our mission in society by working alone. For this reason, we encourage teamwork and flow between departments to build excellent communication and mutual respect.
We show our respect for society and our customers in all our actions, offering opportunities for collaboration with the simple aim of promoting solutions that meet the needs of all the agents involved in our company.

Our character is collaborative with the customer, who provides us with knowledge and experience, and with the associations with which we join forces.

We constantly improve our processes to optimise the progress and creation of new products that adapt to market trends and customer requests.

In order to generate new ideas and implement them, we use new methodologies and technologies that help us to strengthen our open-minded philosophy. In this way, we manage to be an innovative, creative and up-to-date company.