Water-soluble and complexed calcium oxide* (CaO): 10% w/w Total nitrogen (N): 5,2% w/w Boron (B) water soluble: 0,2% w/w *Complexing agent: gluconic acid.

Calcium deficiency corrector and soil improver.

NATROS Bo® It is an organo-calcium solution, with boron, which has a high cation exchange capacity, acting as a corrector for soils and saline waters. In addition to displacing sodium from the clay-humic complex, it activates the metabolic processes of root activity, enhancing the development of both the latter and the aerial part of the crop. Boron plays a  fundamental role in such important  processes as: the transport of potassium and sugars provides elasticity to the cell wall and even participates in the process of nitrogen metabolism.
NATROS Bo® can also be used to correct deficiencies or imbalances in calcium assimilation. Calcium increases the resistance of the cell walls of the plant increasing its resistance against the attack of fungi and other pathogens. On the other hand, the presence of a moderate nitrogen content favors the recovery of the crop.

In addition to the calcium and boron levels, NATROS Bo® has in its formulation the presence of biostimulant molecules that significantly supplement the enhancing effect that the product achieves on the crop, inducing greater root development and improving its implantation.

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