Sodium metam: 40% w/v (400 g/l)

Soil disinfectant. 

The reduction of crop yields caused by the effect of “tired soils” is a phenomenon well known to all farmers. The action of pathogenic fungi, insects and nematodes, as well as the accumulation of toxins generated by previous crops are some of the factors that most affect the gradual reduction of yields and the quality of successive harvests.  

LAISOL® is a general soil disinfectant, based on Metam sodium, with fungicidal, insecticide, nematicide and herbicide activity.  

In a period of changes in soil disinfection, treatment with LAISOL® is reaffirmed as a respectful and reliable disinfection without any ecotoxicological problems that allows to regenerate soil fertility and maintain or increase the yield and quality of crops.  

LAISOL® is an organic synthetic product based on Metam sodium and formulated as a soluble concentrate. In aqueous dilution it decomposes into the active and volatile compound called methyl isothiocyanate (MIT) which, in the soil, diffuses in the form of gas. 

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