Potassium phosphonate 25,5% w/v and Azoxystrobin 6,25% w/v.

Systemic fungicide for the control of downy mildew and Phytophthora spp. 

SIVAR GOLD® is a fungicide, mixture of two active substances (potassium phosphonate and azoxystrobin), with preventive and systemic activity. 

 Phosphonate Potassic: 

  • Systemic fungicide with double action: 
  1. Direct control of pathogens by inhibiting germination and mycelium development.
  2. Stimulates the natural defenses of plants increasing their strength and resistance.
  • Hydrophilic fungicide of rapid absorption and resistance to rain. 
  • Translocation within the plant in a systemic way, both acropetal and basipetal that allows the control of fruits, leaves and new shoots. 


  • Systemic fungicide with translaminar activity, with protective, curative and eradicating action. 
  • It inhibits the germination of spores and the development of mycelium. Remarkable antisporulant activity. 
  • Slow acruptal translocation, but with uniform distribution throughout the leaf. 
  • Very active in controlling infestation, germination and initial infection. 

 SIVAR GOLD® has a wide spectrum  of action with excellent resistance management thanks to the combined action of the two active materials. 


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