Free amino acids: 6.74% Total nitrogen: 0.62% Organic nitrogen: 0.62% Aminogram: glutamic acid.

FASTER® is a mixture of substances, mainly amino acids, which, applied at specific times of the crop cycle, is able to advance the fruit ripening process, as well as group a higher percentage of harvest in the first pass.
The mode of action of FASTER® is based on two different pathways of biostimulation at the physiological level:
On the one hand, it acts by altering certain metabolic pathways of the crop, achieving an increase in the levels of substances such as: jasmonates and salicylates.

And, on the other hand, FASTER® also acts by improving the photosynthetic process and the amount of chlorophyll in crops. Its high content of glutamic acid enhances this process, triggering greater metabolic activity and a higher sugar
content in the fruit.

The combination of both pathways leads to the activation of several metabolic pathways that accelerate the ripening process of the fruit, maintaining its quality and organoleptic qualities. In addition, the high content of glutamic acid, provides a wide spectrum of action at the physiological level, achieving benefits in parameters as important as fruit setting or resistance to possible abiotic stress, in a phase as delicate as fruit setting and fruit formation.

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