Rural women: Guardians of quality agriculture

October 15 is a day of international recognition of the essential work of rural women, who play a fundamental role in quality agriculture in Spain. Under the slogan “Rural Women: Growers of Quality Food”, this article highlights the invaluable contribution of these women, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the country. represent 48.8% of the population in rural areas of municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants in 2019. In addition, they constitute 12% of the total number of women in the country.

One of the outstanding rural women who deserves recognition is Vanesa Castro, Technical Agricultural Engineer, who has excelled as a viticulturist and wine advisor. In the picturesque hills of Montes de Pexegueiro, in Tui, Pontevedra, is his vineyard, where he works tirelessly to ensure quality harvests and keep the land healthy.

Vanesa Castro is an exception in her family, where the predominant profession is fishing. However, he chose the world of agriculture instead of the sea, proving that passion and dedication can break with family traditions .

In her work, Vanesa is not alone, as she has the collaboration of Alejandra Pérez, who works side by side with her to keep the soil in optimal conditions. In addition to caring for her own crop, Vanesa provides advice to other farmers in the area, helping them to improve the quality of their crops.

This article shows that, in the rural world and in all sectors, the most important thing is to bring value to the work, regardless of gender. Rural women like Vanesa and Alejandra are an example of dedication and passion for agriculture, contributing significantly to the development of the agri-food industry in Spain.

On this Rural Women’s Day, we celebrate their commitment and contribution to the prosperity of rural communities and the provision of quality food for all.