One more step towards the future

Obsolete, classic, old… there are several adjectives that have defined the LAINCO brand within the agricultural sector and, specifically, the phytosanitary industry, in the latest years. The external projection of the company’s image was not aligned with the quality of its products, and this fact was reflected, on a recurring basis, in the feedback and opinion we received from our customers.

The rebranding of a company with 88 years of history is a difficult decision to approach and complicated to execute. And even more, when one of your symbols, as in the case of LAINCO, the yellow and blue cross, becomes an easily identifiable icon in the markets in which you operate.

After several months of analysis, observation, active listening and design, The change achieved reflects not only a modern vision of the historical icons of the brand, but also conveys a current and modern look, accompanied by a motto, or claim, which clearly conveys the mission of the company since its inception, to protect life.

In short, this change is nothing more than the visible part of all the work of structural evolution that is being forged at LAINCO. A change with a clear vision of the future: to become a benchmark in innovation for the care of life, relying on talent and, above all, achieving it sustainably.

And how will we achieve this change?

People. Undoubtedly, none of this would be possible without the people who are part of the company and its environment. Retaining, promoting and attracting talent to our team is the basis on which we can build the proper development of the company. Talent allows us to improve our developments, boost our growth and consolidate our markets. The physical and mental health of our workers, accompanying them in their personal and professional development, as well as helping them achieve their goals are some of the values that we seek to contribute to our teams.

Means and facilities. Our teams and our clients must have at their disposal all the necessary tools to successfully achieve their projects and objectives, optimizing time and costs. At LAINCO we invest to be more agile in responding to the needs of our clients, increasing the resources at their disposal, such as new packaging lines or new warehouses. We also invest in sustainability, with actions such as the installation of solar panels, low consumption LED lighting and the reuse of industrial waste for the development of new products.

Clients and collaborators. They are the center of our business. Without the help of the hundreds of distributors and the thousands of farmers, from more than 45 countries, who have collaborated with us throughout these 88 years of history, LAINCO would not be what it is today. This extensive experience has allowed us to grow, improve and evolve throughout history, and it is, among other things, one of the main engines of change that we have started with this rebranding process.

And you, do you want to join #TeamLainco?

If you want to know more about the project, if you have concerns, and you think we can grow together, find synergies and enjoy developing yourself professionally, don’t hesitate.. Contact us and let’s start as soon as possible!