Lainco designs its roadmap until 2028

At a recent landmark strategic meeting, LAINCO has outlined strategic plans aimed squarely at sustainable growth and operational efficiency. The session included the active participation of all the company’s directors and managers, who presented and discussed exhaustively the work plans of each area.

What makes this strategic meeting even more significant is the special participation of Miquel Lladó, Professor at IESE Business School – University of Navarra, expert in Strategy and Innovation. Their valuable input has enriched the discussion and brought a unique perspective to LAINCO’s strategic plans.

The high-profile meeting specifically addressed strategies to boost growth in the pharma and agribusiness divisions. Each team shared their plans in detail, highlighting key initiatives that are expected to contribute significantly to the overall success of the company.

The most exciting news to emerge from this strategic meeting is the ambitious goal set by LAINCO: to reach a turnover of 100 million euros by 2028. This bold goal reflects the company’s confidence in its potential and the unique ability of each team member to contribute to the collective success.

As progress is made towards this goal, the importance of maintaining open and collaborative communication between all departments is emphasized. Effective coordination and synergy will be essential to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities on the road to sustainable growth.

The continued commitment of each team member has been highlighted and appreciated. The company looks forward to working hand in hand to achieve these strategic objectives. Everyone is encouraged to watch for future updates and opportunities to participate in this exciting journey to success.

LAINCO is firmly on its way to a vibrant and successful future! ??