Esportiu Rubí Futsal and LAINCO: Together for Women’s Sports and Rubí

LAINCO, a leading chemical company in the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors, has announced a sponsorship agreement with the Esportiu Rubí Futsal Club.

Esportiu Rubí Futsal, renowned for its sporting excellence and dedication to the development of futsal in Rubí, has been a cornerstone in promoting sports in the municipality for many years. With this sponsorship agreement, LAINCO reaffirms its commitment to the community and its support for women’s sports, recognizing the importance of promoting women’s participation in sports.

“We hope that this collaboration further strengthens the progress of our section and, in turn, contributes to the company’s growth in its expansion activities in our city,” said David Parrilla, president of the entity.

The agreement establishes that the first two women’s teams of Rubí Futsal will be named LAINCO Rubí FS, highlighting the chemical company’s contribution to empowering and developing women in sports. This sponsorship will provide these teams with the necessary resources to improve their performance, gain greater visibility, and compete on equal terms.

LAINCO has been an active member of the Rubí community since moving from Barcelona to Can Jardí over 50 years ago. The company has been dedicated to researching and developing high-quality chemical products for the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors, generating employment, and contributing to the economic growth of the municipality. “With this sponsorship, we want to highlight the outstanding work carried out by Esportiu Rubí Club in promoting women’s sports,” said LAINCO’s marketing director, Hugo Cores.

This sponsorship agreement represents a new milestone in LAINCO’s ongoing commitment to the community and its support for local sports. In fact, Hugo Cores encouraged, “We trust that this collaboration will be an inspiring example for other companies in Rubí.”

A Project for the Future

Both LAINCO and Esportiu Rubí Futsal Club hope that this agreement marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Together, they will work to promote the values of sports, equal opportunities, and the development of female talent in the sports field.

They invite the Rubí community to join this exciting stage of support for women’s sports and the municipality. Both parties are confident that this agreement will drive the growth and success of women’s teams while inspiring more women and girls to get involved in sports.