COETAFC and LAINCO agree to create the ‘Jaume Garriga’ room

COETAFC and LAINCO sign an agreement to collaborate in the foundation of the new bibliographic collection ‘LAINCO – JAUME GARRIGA’

The president and part of the board of the Col legi Oficial d’Enginyers Tècnics Agrícoles i Forestals de Catalunya (COETAFC) have visited the LAINCO facilities in Rubí to make effective the signing of the agreement between both entities that supports and gives continuity to the organization from a bibliographic collection, baptized as ‘LAINCO- Jaume Garriga’. In 2017, the COETAFC received a first donation of more than 1,500 specialized books and magazines from LAINCO.

In addition, in parallel to these donations, LAINCO has also been able to expand our documentary collection to this day, which has established itself as a relevant archive.

bibliographic collection 'LAINCO - JAUME GARRIGA'

Development of the ‘LAINCO – Jaume Garriga’ project

The construction of this project is based on three major phases. A first in which a management of all the books and their cataloging will be carried out. The second step will be to make our bibliographic collection visible and offer it as a public service between autonomous communities, countries and, finally, throughout the world. Finally, a study will be carried out to digitally process all the magazines.

Through this agreement, LAINCO will offer the necessary resources so that this archive continues to develop and all the documents, both books and magazines, are digitized.

This new documentary room will bear the name ‘LAINCO-Jaume Garriga’, in memory of the former holistic director of LAINCO, Jaume Garriga, who passed away in 2021.